A rear-end collision is a traffic accident caused by one vehicle hitting another from behind. Rear-end collisions are the number one cause of all car accidents throughout the U.S. The most common injuries resulting from a rear-end collision are neck and back injuries which are caused by severe whiplash. Throughout the United States there are over 2 million rear-end collisions each year, and while most of these accidents are not catastrophic they still can be very troublesome.

When you have been involved in a rear-end collision, you have certain rights and one of those rights is to seek compensation for all injuries and damages resulting from the car accident. If you are currently evaluating pre-settlement cash advances for a rear-end collision due to a car accident, begin by filling out our personal injury funding application today. Once we have received your information we will send your application out to our network of lawsuit funding companies whom fund car accidents resulting from rear end collisions.

There are several reason why rear-end collisions occur in Maryland. One example of a rear-end collision is directly related to tailgating. When one automobile is driving to closely to another and traffic comes to a slow down, an accident often occurs. There are also cases in which individuals cause accident because of text messaging and cell phone use. The distraction from dialing numbers and texting while operating a motor vehicle have resulting in many car accidents just in the past year. While negligence is a common cause of most car accidents, recklessness can be avoided. When someone is permitted to operate a motor vehicle, they are to use extreme caution. Most rear-end collisions are avoidable if motorist were to use more caution and less recklessness and multitasking.

The result of a rear-end collision could mean steep medical bills, pain and suffering and excessive repair costs to your vehicle. For those people that need cash now to help pay down these expenses and others, car accident lawsuit funding is a viable option.
The results of a rear-end collision may include:

If you have been involved in a rear-end collision you may or may not be feeling the immediate effects of the car accident. For many people involved in rear-end collisions the physical pain and suffering caused by whiplash may not occur until months after the car accident. A car accident lawyer must understand that injuries caused by a car accident are not always immediate.

If you have been involved in a car accident due to a rear-end collision, we ask you to contact contact our lawsuit funding lenders immediately for a free consultation. We only work with those lenders that offer non-recourse funding which means you don’t pay back the lawsuit loan unless your attorney is successful in getting you compensation for your injury.

We also will evaluate all rear-end collisions resulting in:


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